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Potty Training means Potty Time!

Elijah James and Mateo Julian sharing a sweet moment of brotherly love.

Oh boy, potty training! The joyous adventure of teaching a tiny human how to use the bathroom like a grown-up. It's like trying to teach a fish how to ride a bicycle. But hey, you've got this! Or do you?

Now, potty training a toddler while having a newborn around? That's like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. It sounds like an Olympic-level challenge that no one signed up for.

But fear not, because little Elijah is showing signs that he's ready to embark on this pee-soaked journey. Maybe he's mastered the art of pulling his pants down or has developed an uncanny fascination with the toilet bowl. Whatever it is, it's time to buckle up and dive headfirst into the world of potty training chaos.

Just remember, accidents will happen. And by accidents, I mean puddles on your brand new carpet and surprises in unexpected places. But hey, at least it gives you something interesting to talk about at dinner parties!

So grab your patience hat (yes, that's totally a thing), stock up on cleaning supplies, and get ready for some wild adventures in bathroom education. And remember, laughter is key during this messy process. After all, laughter is the best medicine for those moments when you step on something squishy and hope it's just playdough.

Good luck! May your aim be true and your sanity intact as you navigate the treacherous waters of potty training with both toddler and newborn in tow. You've got this...probably...maybe...well, let's hope for the best!

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